Precamp SA has expanded their product line with prefabricated steel warehouses.
Prefabricated steel warehouses can be used as workshops, storage facilities or office space, designed and engineered in different sizes.

Advantages of prefabricated steel warehouses are:

  1. Galvanized light steel frame structure (no need for sandblasting or spraying)
  2. Fast delivery without affecting the quality and durability
  3. Quick assembly.

Features of this prefabricated steel warehouse

– Frame work
For the columns and girders Z or Sigma profiles are used

– Purlins and roof girders:
Either Z-140 or Z-180 profiles can be used

– Roof cladding:
Trapezium roof sheets with wave heights 20mm or 40 mm

– External cladding:
Depending on the purpose of the warehouse, Precamp SA NV offers several options regarding the external cladding. Options for external cladding are:

  • Sandwich panel with a polyurethane foam core and galvanized, pre-painted sheets on both sides
  • Vertical cladding trapezium panels of 20 mm
  • Horizontal rabat profiles.

To prevent noise pollution, an additional insulation can be installed between the external and internal cladding.

Additional options of this building structure:

  • Cladding of internal walls:
    1) The inner walls can be build out of frames of C-76 profiles, finished with cement board (12.7mm). For better insulation glass wool can be added.2)Both the external as well as the internal walls can be sheeted with 60mm sandwich wall panels with a polyurethane foam core and galvanized, pre-painted plates on both sides.
  • A wide variety of windows and doors can be installed in any desired size (e.g. sliding windows, fixed glass windows, sliding doors, single/double doors etc.).
  • Roll down shutter doors are also available for installation as large door openings or as security for smaller doors and windows.
  • Complete delivery and installation of sanitary goods(lavatory, sink, shower);
  • Complete delivery and installation of air conditioning;
  • The floor can be paved for a heavy duty work environment or tiled for a neat office finish;
  • Electrical installation can be arranged as desired.

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