Precamp budget type

Precamp budget type

The budget type cabin is a less expensive type of the Precamp type A cabin and is also ideal  for space needed for an office, storage, laundry or anything where space is needed.  It has a total area of approx.15 square meters with an outer height of 2.896 m with standard windows and door and electrical outlets.

Features of this cabin

–          Wall panel of 60mm EPS panel

–          Roof panel of 50mm EPS panel

–          Fiber cement floor and blue pvc floor

–          1 aluminium door and 2 pvc windows

–          1 A/C socket for air conditioning, 1 switch and 2 sockets

Additional Options:

–          Delivery and installation of airco

–          Sanitary

–          Kitchenette

–          Washer & dryer

–          Airco

–          Transport to Paramaribo

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