Office buildings

Office buildings

Technical information:

Frame structure (roof and walls):

Light gauge galvanized steel

External wall cladding:

  1. Trapezium sheets 28bg
  2. Sandwich panels

Internal wall cladding:

  1. Gypsum boards  with insulation(moisture resistant at wet areas)
  2. Cement boards  with insulation(moisture resistant at wet areas)

Roof cladding:

  1. Trapezium roof sheets (28 BG)


  1. Concrete foundation
  2. Stelcon plates

The strength of the Pre Camp brand and its competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Turnkey solution.
  • Termites and mold resistant.
  • Shorter and predictable construction schedule.
  • Inorganic – will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep.
  • Dimensionally stable – does not expand or contract with moisture content.
  • High strength results in safer structures, less maintenance and slower aging of structure.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Less probability of foundation problems – less weight results in less movement.
  • Less probability of damage in high winds.
  • Any variation of windows, doors, wall and roof covering possible.

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