Precamp Type C Cabin

Precamp Type C Cabin

Precamp Type C with a size 3m by 3m is mostly used as guardhouse, telephone booth. But It can be used as any needed space.It has a total area of 9 square meters and an inner height of 2.50 m. Different types of windows and doors can be chosen from our range.

Features of this cabin

–          Wall and roof of sandwich panels  with polyurethane foam core and galvanized, pre painted sheets on both sides

–          Galvanized welding steel frame structure

–          Cement board with vinyl, tiles or aluminium sheets finish

Additional Options:

–          Electrical installation without grounding

–          Delivery and installation of airco

–          Sanitary

Additional options

  • Splitunit 9000BTU (220V)( USD)

    Also includes installation

  • Standard electrical installation without grounding( USD)

    Includes breaker, sockets, light fixture

  • Transport to Paramaribo( USD)


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