Modular buildings

Modular buildings

The modular buildings consist of multiple sections called modules and are easy to assemble on site. The preference of this technique is that while the modules are prefabricated in the factory, onsite preparations take simultaneously place.It also allows engineers and technicians to monitor the process continually and make improvements where possible.

Modular buildings is an ideal solution for multitude of temporary and permanent projects, easy to relocate and expandable to accommodate future requirements.

Modular buildings can be used as school facilities, multi-story office buildings, medical clinics, dormitories, lodging, kitchen/canteen, recreational facilities and many other purposes.

The customer has the freedom to create custom structures according to its own requirements. The structures can be one story or two story high.


–          Wall and roof of sandwich panels  with polyurethane foam core and galvanized, pre painted sheets on both sides

–          Galvanized welding steel frame structure

–          Cement board with vinyl, tiles or aluminium sheets finish

 Additional Options:

–          Electrical installation

–          Delivery of A/C and installation

–          Sanitary

–          Washer & dryer

–          Kitchen

–          Furniture

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