Surgold – Lab office

Surgold – Lab office

On August 17, 2015 Precamp started to assemble the third building at Surgold assigned as Lab office. The dimentions of this building are 64.5×17 meters with an inner height of 4 meter. All materials were prefabricated at Precamp and then transported to the site for easy and fast erection. The building is constructed of:

1. A Light Gauge Steel (LGS) frame structure that is anchored on a concrete foundation

2. Roof cladding consisting of trapezium roof sheets

3. Trapezium sheets for the exterior wall cladding with rockwool insulation

4. Interior walls constructed of light gauge steel profiles with rockwool insulation and coverd with 12.7 mm cement board

5. The ceiling consists of suspended ceiling and sandwich panel ceiling

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